Kyrie for MVP

You heard it here first folks. Kyrie for MVP! In arguably the biggest move over the summer in a summer full of moves, the Cavs made a deal to trade 4 Time All-Star Kyrie Irving to an organization desperately in need of a true franchise player. With this trade they got just that and a MVP was born.

Was it worth it? Yes to both sides! The Celtics were able to finally make something out of its stashed up assets in the form of a top 10 talent in Kyrie Irving. It was the last year of Isaiah Thomas’ and Jae Crowder’s contracts that were bargain deals. Both were due for big deals that the Celtics wouldn’t have wanted to offer. With Isaiah’s hip issues and a max contract looming after the season he was damaged goods at that point. The Cavs in return were able to grant Kyrie his wish while adding much needed depth on the wing and a talented scorer when Isaiah Thomas returns to still be the favorites to go back to the Finals. They are prepared to either make another move to compete with the Warriors with the Brooklyn pick or get ready for life after Lebron if they decide to keep it and he leaves over the summer as well. Win-win trade for both sides.

Kyrie is the biggest winner here though. The first part to being an MVP is being on a great team. The Celtics are a great organization with a stable and bright future to be the franchise player he wants to be. The team is built for success and anyone who thinks the Celtics are did not improve this offseason isn’t paying attention. They turned Isaiah Thomas into Kyrie Irving, Avery Bradley into Gordon Hayward, Jae Crowder into Jayson Tatum, and Kelly Olynyk into Marcus Morris. Those were all roster upgrades. What they lost defensively they got back tenfold offensively. In the East defense doesn’t matter when it comes to having a great record. The top 3 teams in the East were the Celtics (15th in PPG Allowed), Cavs (20th), and Wizards (21st). It’s all about firepower. Brad Stevens will make sure they don’t sleep on that end either.

The 2nd part is the numbers. Kyrie is ready to be that franchise player people thought he would be as a #1 pick and Rookie of the Year. After a few years of being under Lebron’s wing, plenty of championship experience, and with the way his game has been growing skill wise over the years I can’t wait to see how he does with a well built team around him. His usage rate will be high in Boston which will translate to better numbers. Brad’s Stevens offense is great at getting the most out of it’s players as well.  There is amazing ball movement both on and off the ball that’ll help Kyrie score and create for his teammates much easier than in Cleveland’s mostly iso offense. I was amazed at how Brad Stevens got the Celtics to be a #1 seed and top 10 offense with the talent on the team. If Isaiah Thomas who’s previous career high before joining the Celtics was 20 PPG I can’t wait to see the numbers Kyrie puts up. I can see him average 30 ppg and asts running the show.

We’ve also seen the power of playing with a top 2 talent in the league can have on your stats. Steph Curry went from averaging 30 PPG and 7 assists to going down to 25 PPG and the same amount of assists after Kevin Durant joined. Which is very identical to Kyrie’s numbers from this year. The Cavs being built for Lebron limited Kyrie’s game to being mostly a scorer since Lebron was the main facilitator. Even with him being a scorer he isn’t the primary option. This will change in Boston with the ball in his hands more and a more free flowing offense. I can’t wait to see that change. Russell Westbrook and James Harden are other great examples are what happens when superstar players get their own team. So once again #KyrieForMVP

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