Who had the best offseason?

In one of the craziest offseasons I’ve experienced as an NBA fan we’ve seen teams stack up, talent fly West, and hype for this new season and beyond builds. The future of the NBA is looking really bright for some teams and others are in win now mode.

I want to focus on the team with the 3 best off seasons though:

NBA: Los Angeles Lakers-Press Conference

3. Los Angeles Lakers

These guys may not be set up to win this season but they’ve set themselves up for a VERY bright future this offseason. Probably the best job of this offseason. They took care of their locker room drama with De’Angelo and Swaggy P problem by letting them both go. Swaggy P through FA and De’Angelo through a bargain deal. They made way for BBB head man while getting rid of Mosgov’s terrible contract in exchange for an extra first round pick and a the good Lopez twin. The one that averages 20 PPG and his contract expires next year in one of the deepest FA pools in a long time. What a rental.

Signing KCP puts another shooter on the roster who could also defend. His 1 year contract should motivate him to look at this as an audition. The drafting of Lonzo Ball was by far the biggest move though that’s going to set them up for now and the future.  This may not be a playoff team this year but they made themselves fun to watch while setting up to cash out next summer on stars when players run to LA to play winning basketball with Lonzo.


2. Boston Celtics 

I remember watching the Boston Celtics last season like, “How are the Celtics balling like this with no stars and IT as the head man?”. But they play great basketball. Shoutout to Brad Stevens for getting the most out of his players. As long as the Celtics have him as a head coach they should be fine as a franchise. After this offseason we’ll see how he does with the most talent he’s had on a roster during his NBA tenure. They’ve made serious upgrades on their roster and I, for one, am ready to see how he attacks with his new weapons.

They started it off with a great draft in getting Jayson Tatum, the most skilled scorer coming out, and added a future 1st round pick. Got a player at a position of need while continuing to stock up assets for the future. Bravo Danny Ainge!

They got their #1 choice in FA and Brad Stevens gets to coach one of his best pupils again. Gordon Hayward in Boston seems like a perfect fit.

The move that solidified their title contention for now and the future is the move for Kyrie. Former #1 pick, ROTY, 4 Time All Star, FIBA MVP, All Star game MVP, and NBA champion he is ready for the keys to a franchise. He makes the Celtics strong contenders for this season and beyond.

Marcus Morris is another guy they brought in from the Avery Bradley trade who can get his own basket that could be an upgrade offensively for Kelly Olynyk. Turning IT into Kyrie, Bradley into Hayward, Crowder into Tatum, and Kelly into Morris are great roster upgrades. Danny Ainge made was whipping his wand all offseason. They did the best job of getting their roster ready for this season and the future.

hoodie melo

1. Oklahoma City Thunder

Had to give Hoodie Melo a feature.  After this Melo trade OKC is the lock for best offseason.  Russell Westbrook couldn’t be more ecstatic.


Westbrook won’t have to pass it to himself anymore to get a bucket . They got my twin brother Paul George  for Covfefe and got Melo for 2 pairs of Starburys . Sam Presti walking out of the offseason like


Sammy the Scammer indeed. Looking forward to seeing how this roster gels together. They drafted rookie Terrance Ferguson to backup Russ and signed Patrick Patterson for depth. Most importantly, they kept Andre Roberson to operate as a defensive stopper. Very underrated piece on this team. Then resigning Russell Westbrook for 5 year Supermax gives their future more clarity. PG we’re looking at you now. Wouldn’t it be funny if OKC out of all teams took down Golden State though? KD thought this summer was rough. Whew. It’s going to be the Wild Wild West this year. The Warriors are going to have a tough road to repeat. Who do y’all think had the best offseason though? Comment below!


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