Explaining the Cavs slow start

Lebron James may be the greatest player in the world, but he still needs help. What we see now is why long term (and maybe short term) the Celtics were big winners in the trade over the summer. The Cavs have been scrambling all offseason to put this team together with stiches and glue. By that I mean guys who used to be great players and are on their last hurrah’s while dealing with injuries.

This team has injuries, chemistry, and shooting problems. While this team is a lot more deep than last year, the pieces aren’t fitting together. Lebron usually likes to play with guys who could space the floor for him to attack the basket. Wade and Rose can’t help in this aspect. With them in the starting 5 at the start of the season it didn’t help the Cavs offensively or defensively. Inserting JR Smith will help going forward but this team will continue to struggle until IT gets back to get Derrick Rose as a creator off the bench. IT is the type of shooting PG that fits Lebron’s game. Ty Lue isn’t very good at making players move without the ball like Spoelstra did in Miami so Lebron needs shooters to play his game. Being the NBA’s 3rd worst defensive team won’t help that matter either.


They still have a HUGE hole at center too. Tristan Thompson has never been a real center and now the NBA is bigger than ever this year with centers making a strong comeback. They’re going to need an answer down low for guys like Embiid, KAT, Drummond, the tandem in New Orleans, etc. which Kevin Love will not be. I would suggest they try to package Iman, Tristan, and that pick for some of these guys on the block like Okafor or Bledsoe and Chandler from the Suns. Anybody who could be a good rebounder, finisher, and protect the rim some. They have tradeable assets. If they want to keep Lebron and make it back to the Finals they should make something happen soon or go back to the bottom of the NBA.

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