Lebron to LA? Most likely.

It’s going to take an NBA Finals miracle to keep Lebron in Cleveland right now. After the teams terrible start and seemingly everyone in the NBA getting better while the Cavs appear to be on the decline from last year it’s not looking good for the hometown team.

Meanwhile, everything is looking sunnier in LA.

The Ball era has started and it’s brought a new energy to the Staples Center. Unlike the Cavs, the Lakers are young, talented, and will have plenty of cap space as a top destination spot for next year’s stellar FA class. They’ll have about 53,000,000 with a potential 5,000,000 more that can opening up depending on team option contracts. That’s a lot of cap space before even hitting the luxury tax. If the Lakers can get Lebron best believe they will sign whoever and eat the luxury tax bill to make this team a contender by signing another star and core pieces like a Paul George, Boogie Cousins, Aaron Gordon, Jahlil Okafor, etc.

The offense in LA lead by Lonzo is an offense Lebron could thrive in going into his later years. It will make baskets much easier to get by just running the floor. He will be able to get the ball as much as he wants while having a PG who can get him the ball in his sweet spots and allow him to run the ball/move off the ball. Lonzo already said Lebron can have the ball as much as he wants. Would be cool to see Lebron play in an unselfish system like they have in LA.

The LA market will be great for him to live in money wise too as we all know Lebron is just as much of a businessman as he is a basketball player. With a production company and house in LA, the move makes too much sense as he heads into the final part of his career. The West may be tougher than the East but he isn’t winning with the Cavs anyway. So why not take a chance to play with a better LA team?

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