Suns find a home for Eric Bledsoe in Milwaukee

It’s been 16 days since Eric Bledsoe’s tweet about how he really felt about playing in Phoenix:

Now they’ve found him a great home in Milwaukee a team in need of a real ball handler at the point. A lineup of Bledsoe, Bragdon, Middleton, Giannis, and Maker should make the Bucks scary in the East. Bledsoe can get it done on the defensive end just how Jason Kidd should like too and make the Bucks a faster team. Could this team be better than the Cavs or Celtics? We’ll see.

The Suns received Greg Monroe and a 1st round pick which is a good coup for them. Greg Monroe gives them a post presence they didn’t have before. Can make their offense more diverse to be able to work from the post. Will they be willing to slow their offense down to accompany Monroe or will Monroe be able to keep up with the fast-paced Suns? The draft pick could help them bring more young talent in or be used as an asset to trade as they are in rebuilding mode still.

Both teams win in this deal though. Milwaukee got rid of a player that wasn’t a fit on their team anymore for a PG they desperately needed. Suns got rid of their problem for a guy that can bring something their offense was missing and an asset to put in the stash. Good job GMs.

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