Somebody Save Jahlil

Poor poor Jahlil. Went from being ROTY and the centerpiece of “The Process” to now being held hostage by the same franchise that is starting to bear that fruit from it without the original piece. Some team needs to save him so we can see this talent get utilized somewhere. He averaged 17 and 7 his rookie year and there are plenty of contending teams in need of a center. Here are the top landing spots I would love to see Jahlil go too.

Okafor Celtics


The Celtics are already the best team in the league right now with a roster full of young guys who play hard. If Jahlil came it’d give the Cs a legit center and allow Horford to play a stretch 4 to give him room to work. It would allow them to be flexible as well since Al can slide to the 5 if necessary. The Duke trio of Kyrie, Tatum, and Okafor could make coach K shed a tear. Them being led by Brad Stevens for years to come with their picks could set the Celtics up with a very very bright future.

Jahlil Okafor Cavs


The Cavs NEED a center in the worst way. With the way the league is now you’re going to be facing a good center every night and they aren’t getting by with Kevin Love there. He would give the Cavs an interior presence to respect inside while letting K Love and the shooters get space on the 3 point line. A young guy for the Cavs future for life after Lebron if he leaves as well. Would probably have to give up the Brooklyn pick but I’d request more than just Jahlil if that happens.

okafor wizards.jpeg


The Wizards need an upgrade over Marcin. In this new era of centers, he has gone from capable starter to liability in Washington. Jahlil would add a much-needed post presence to take some of the pressure off John and Bradley to make teams respect the post. That pick and roll would be a lot more deadly with Jahlil rolling. This is a move the Wizards would need if they wanted to keep up with the Celtics.

Not sure how he’ll get to any of these teams but hopefully Philly finds a way to make it happen and fast.

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