Should Lavar Ball Apologize to Trump?

If you know me then you already know what this answer was.


Yesterday the Big Baller Brand CEO Lavar Ball went on CNN to address why he wasn’t saying thank you to Trump after he allegedly able to get his son, LiAngelo Ball, and teammates back to the US. CNN being a drama filled news company wanted to try and poke the bear to antagonize the feud. Lavar explained though that there was no beef with Trump and even wished him a Happy Thanksgiving. He simply had an issue with 2 things.

  1. What exactly did he do to help?

According to Lavar, Trump did not contact him or talk to anyone about what exactly was done to help Gelo. Lavar also was already in the midst of making things happen himself. So for Trump to be in China for different reasons outside of his son and then claim that he helped get him released from jail without talking to anyone dealing with the issue is puzzling. Why not see what the situation is before stepping in just to say you did something?

2. Why is Trump worried about a thank you from Lavar?

With all the things going on in the country Trump has a lot more to worry about than a thank you from Big Baller Brand’s CEO. You don’t do favors for people to ask them for thank yous and to get shown love. The whole situation just seems really fishy. But that’s the case with all of Trump’s run as president.

Despite all the antics Lavar still showed love to the reporter and to Trump during the interview. That’s why we love BBB. Remember, FDT and STAY IN YO LANE.

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