Big Baller Brand


With the shipping of the shoes happening this Friday (November 24th as promised) I wanted to write a piece on why I support BBB and why maybe you should too.

This brand is a part of the Players movement the NBA has been building on since Jordan’s first sneaker deal letting players earn money off the court to Lebron’s move to MIA giving players the power to control who they play with to his short deals to make sure he gets as much money as possible every year and now this. This next step is huge because it is trying to show there is another way to go about things without having to be sponsored and showing just how powerful an NBA player’s brand could be.

Why would players not want to be sponsored and own their own business? Don’t they make plenty of money off these companies?

Yes, they do, but they could be making A LOT more. Jordan Brand made 3 Billion last year but Jordan only walked away with $100 Million. That’s 3.3% to the guy who worked for the man who spent almost 2 decades making the brand into what it is. BBB isn’t trying to sign that type of deal, or maybe any deal at all.

The Big Baller Brand wants to skip the whole sponsorship stage and get straight to a partnership. Which is important for future athletes to see the value of owning their brands if they have the means too.

This brand has been polarizing and a story to follow since late March when Lavar started promoting the brand in Lonzo’s last UCLA Bruin days.

From saying he can beat Michael Jordan to Lonzo is better than Steph Curry, predicting Zo would be drafted to the Lakers, Summer League MVP, Melo vs Zion’s matchup, Gelo’s trip to China, and his feud with Trump. It has been a wild year for the brand that can probably be a TV show. Oh, wait!

Lavar’s unorthodox Trump style marketing (same marketing different ethics and end goals) has been genius to get free advertisement and promotion for his $500 shoes. Even the price drew attention! While not everyone will be able to afford the shoes (myself included) we don’t make these same complaints about Gucci, Balenciaga, and Neiman Marcus shoes. I won’t tell a guy he can’t sell $500 sneakers just because I can’t buy them. In fact, this increases the value of the shoes because not everyone has them. If you see no one but celebrities and people who have money in the shoes that only helps its value which helps its longevity. In comparison Starbury’s were $15 and I had both pairs but you can’t buy them anywhere today.

The Brand itself is all about having the freedom to do what you want. Whether it’s wearing whatever sneaker you want like Lonzo did in summer league, going on Big Baller family vacations in Hawaii, buying a Lambo for your 16-year-old son, but not stealing from stores in China. That could lose your freedom.

Think about it like this, if Lebron did this he’d be a billionaire by now. If Derrick Rose did this he’d be able to retire without thinking about losing $80 million to Adidas. So I’d like to see this be successful and what it can mean to future athletes coming up trying to follow it whether it’s owning their own brand or getting more money from the big ones. Regardless,  Support Black Businesses. #BBB

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