MVP Race

5. Stephen Curry

The best player on the 2nd best team in the West deserves a spot on the list. The 2-Time MVP focus is on getting back to the Finals so I wouldn’t expect him to be a serious threat for MVP this year. The question is, can the Warriors get back to the Finals?

4. Giannis Antetokounmpo

Giannas is here. This has been his breakout season where he turns into a star. 2nd in the league in scoring while averaging a double-double. He has become a dominant force for teams to reckon with. If he can get a jumper the league is going to really need to watch out. Can the Bucks get enough wins to give Giannis a serious shot at the MVP this year?

3. Kyrie Irving

Kyrie is proving all the doubters wrong this season and making his move to Boston seem like a smart move. He’s the franchise player for the #1 team in the NBA and while the bare stats don’t say much. He’s 2nd in the NBA in points in the clutch behind the King himself. He’s dropped 30 with 12 shots, 47 with 22, and 30 again with 15 shots. That shows just how easy it is for Kyrie at times. Can he consistently score enough to get the MVP though?

2. Lebron James

The King has a lot on his shoulders this year and he’s been carrying it very well. Averaging the most points since his last go around in Cleveland, highest FG% of his career, highest 3 point %, and tied for the most assists, King James keeps getting better with time. Can he win an MVP in his 15th season?

1. James Harden

Leads the league in scoring, assists, and has the best team in the West without his co-star Chris Paul being there for the start. Can James Harden be the last of that OKC Big 3 to win the MVP?

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